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“Learn to think, learn to speak so you can combat the tragedy of life by having a triumphant call to being”

Website Buddha is founded on the underlying truth in the quote above. Victimization, political correctness and weakness must be cast aside for the useless things they are. Life is suffering. Accept this and bear your many burden so you can become a useful person others can rely on. A meaningful life is found through taking on responsibility. The responsibility to do your duty, raise children, be a good man and act with honor.

It’s always easier to make things worse.

To create an existence filled with chaos and misery. To become cynical and jaded. To go so deep into the depth of hell that your soul finds living too painful. Learn how to bear your burdens. Be responsible and combat the tragedy of life with a triumphant call to being.

This site will be a collection or videos, published content and originals from around the web providing wisdom and guidance for men to live lives of self determination and meaning.

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